Chemistry Expertise

Carbohydrate chemistry

With many years experience in carbohydroate chemistry, APAC has successfully made complicated carbohydrate compound in industry scale, for example, production of 2,3,0-(3-Pentylidene)-D-gluceraldhyde in mt scale. APAC is working on total synthesis of Fondaparanux.            

Synthetic peptide

With many years experience research and producing solution peptides, APAC has the expertise necessary to develop and manufacture custom peptides and custom cGMP peptides. A wide range of modified peptides is available, such as those with unnature amino acid, phosphorylation, teminal modifications and cyclization.  APAC has made peptides of Octreotide, Oxytocin and Protirelin by solution phase.

Nucleoside/Nucleotide chemistry

APAC specializes in the modification of nucleosides and nucleotides. We offer a variety of modified and non-modified nucleoside/nucleotide as well as their analogs.  

Heterocyclic molecule

Experienced to manufacture variety of aromatic and unsaturated N, O, S heterocyclic ring including heteroaromatic synthons as intermediates towards functionalized cyclic product, complex heterocyclic systems and novel heteroaromatic compounds.

Chiral compound

With extensive expertise in chiral chemistry, APAC is able to make Chiral amines and aminoalcohols in large scale and cost effective way either by conventional resolution method or by Catalytical Chiral reduction.  Our technology includes sophisticated methods of resolution, asymmetric synthesis and a combination of these approaches. We offer (S)-(-)-4-Benzyl-2-oxazolidinone [90719-32-7] and D-(-)-2-Aminobutylic acid, [2623-9-8] in hundred metric ton scale.